Growing AI in the public sector

An independent report released last week has suggested how the public sector should further adopt and utilize Artificial Intelligence in its delivery of public services....Read more

Copenhagen Lord Mayor's proposal to ban diesel vehicles by 2019

A proposal put forward by Copenhagen's Lord Mayor, Frank Jensen, would see diesel cars banned from the city centre from January 1st 2019....Read more

Digital strikes first in new T levels

Digital education is to be amongst the first subjects to be included with new technical qualifications for school-leavers....Read more

Universal Credit will lead to "hardship and misery" for those most in need

A Northern Alliance is forming against the implementation of the Universal Credit, underpinned by fears that the new benefit system will negatively impact those most in need....Read more

PODCAST: RealityBites #12 the one about internet security and cleaning up the pipeline

What do we have to do and how long must we wait to get an internet supply that doesn't threaten our cyber safety....Read more

Youth Combined Authority will 'shape their own future'

Proposals have been approved to allow for the creation of a Youth Combined Authority in the Greater Manchester area....Read more

Sheffield City Region focusses on "inclusive growth"

Number of jobs in public sector will grow not shrink as automation bites.

The "Southern Powerhouse" sets out its stall

4m private sector jobs could go to Robots in the next decade

The Local Government Association calls for urgent action to improve youth offending institutions

Science and Technology Committee gender imbalance reflected in Women and Equalities Committee appointees

Andy Burnham announces 2018 'Green Summit' for Greater Manchester

Ambitious vision for economic growth across Sheffield City Region outlined by the Local Enterprise Partnership