WORKING LUNCH No1 17:Jan:2018

A weekly webTV programme about, for and by people involved in local government....Read more

Saving time, money and lives across adult care organisations.

Defining and sharing your organisations policies and practice is essential. Updating them even more so....Read more

Andy Begley - Shropshire County Council

Adult Social Care. Threat or Opportunity?...Read more

Multi-racial facial recognition system provides more accurate results

A multi-racial facial recognition system delivers more accurate results than those typically used today, a study published in Pattern Recognition journal has revealed....Read more

PODCAST: Mark Rogers of Collaborate CIC on the new leadership and changing demands on local government leadership

From technocratic managerial leadership to empathy, collaboration and emotional intelligence and recognising that "place" is not what it used to be...Read more

PODCAST: Lauren Lucas of Local Government Information Unit on barriers to women entering local government

Barriers include sexism; sexual harassment; lack of "voice", and structural issues like pensions, childcare and evening meetings plus occasionally stubbornly incumbent male councillors...Read more

Stu Higgins - CISCO head of smart cities and IoT UK public sector - talking to Joe Tibbetts at Socitm 2017

Climate-KIC "Climathon" rallies international movement to tackle climate change

Paul Maltby, chief digital officer at Department of Communities and Local Government talks to Joe Tibbetts at Socitm2017

Norway proposes "Tesla tax" on heavy electric cars

Police Foundation calls on local government to join the blockchain debate

International Federation of Robotics forecasts sales of service robots up 12% in 2017

UK Smart City Index puts Bristol at number one

Chief Digital Officer announces priorities for London's digital future