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Better Connected Programme adds new tools and activities to support local digital transformation

Until recently Better Connected has primarily been about collecting and publishing data on council website efficacy. We spent last year putting the surveys online, redefining goals and connecting with new audiences and collaborators.

In 2017 the Better Connected Programme will deliver more for those seeking to accelerate digital transformation while further developing and expanding the scope of the surveys.

Our mission is to deliver to decision makers in local authorities and the wider public sector, accessible and useable data and intelligence that will be useful in making improvements in the lives of local people.

The 2017 Better Connected Programme starts in earnest on November 1st 2016 and will include:

  • further development of the existing Better Connected site. The site offers a pafe of headline data for every council in UK. From November we will pull through headline content from PSDeXchange a new Boilehouse platform featuring Local Digital Innovations a showcase for digital developments by and for local authorities

The last few years have seen growing acceptance that being digital and reaping the digital divided is about much more than just having a website that works. It is clear, of course, that doing the digital thing is about changing human behaviour and meeting human needs and solving human problems. But it is a mistake to think that because being digital reaches far beyond considerations of website efficacy then website efficacy is of less importance than we once thought.

“Digital transformation” has been touted by many as the cure-all to every local authority problem including shortfalls in funding. There can be few who still believe this. We are, however, beginning to see some evidence of local service providers reaping a digital dividend. And if these changes seem too little and too slow in arriving who among us could have predicted the sudden onset and enduring fury of the storm that has been driving the need for transformation. 

The Better Connected Programme provides platforms, tools, spaces and opportunities to facilitate better understanding and drive better outcomes in delivering the digital dividend

It is thanks to collaboration and support from professional associations and from both voluntary and private sector organisations that we are able to do all this. In 2017 Socitm and LCIOC will continue their invaluable support, Independent Age will support the development of the social care survey, Digital Accessibility Centre (DAC) will support the Accessibility Survey. In the 16/17 round of surveys IDOX Group will sponsor both the Building Control survey and the Licensing survey; and Zengenti will be sponsoring the Mobile Access survey.

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