Vicky is MD at Boilerhouse Communications and programme director for both the Better Connected Programme and the Connected Care Programme


Consumer experience must inform digital public service design 

Vicky Sargent caught up with David Dinsdale, Atos Entrepeneur in Residence, at Socitm 2016.

People responsible for designing digital public services must bring their experiences as consumers to the office if they want to improve public satisfaction with government services online.

Drawing on recent research with 3000 UK citizens, Atos Entrepeneur in Residence David Dinsdale tells us that digital services have the potential to improve the public’s experience even in complex areas like social care.

But to do so they are going to have to integrate the range of things people using such services need over an entire customer journey, rather than just focus on simple, one-and-done interactions.

They must also mimic the experience of digital services routinely provided by the commercial sector – for example the ability to start a process on a PC and complete it on a smartphone.

Unless government services step up to this challenge, the gap between the public’s aspriations – apparently one third anticipate near future delivery of a single app for all government services - and what is actually delivered, will continue to grow.

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