Joe Tibbetts is the publisher and managing editor of I-D Information Daily; Public Service Digital and Healthcare Innovation Monitor. He has advised numerous public sector organisations on their communications.


Transformation! Are we expecting too much? Or should we expect more and sooner?

Gary Eden of Bluerock Solutions and Joe Tibbetts in conversation at Socitm 2016 doing their level best to unpick the " transformation" task.

We all understand the pressing need for "transformation" in the delivery of local public services. No one argues against the need and everyone pays lip service to the urgency but even if, as it often seems, there are as many versions of the road map showing us the way to the desired destination as there are travellers upon the road, surely it shouldn't be taking so long. Can it be that transformation is more about people than about technology and re-engineering digital process is easier than redesigning a generation of managers. Who dares ask the question "do we have to wait for a generation to move on before we can really get to grips with the problems as indeed we did with "the man from the Water Board"? 

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