Andy Bates has worked in telecoms & IT for 25 years. He is CTO for Public Sector in EMEA for Verizon the multinational telecommunications conglomerate. Joe Tibbetts is the CEO of Boilerhouse Online Publications.


PODCAST RealityBites #01 Is this full-on, always-connected life threatening our physical and mental health?


Andy Bates CTO (EMEA) Verizon © Andy Bates 2017

The one where Joe gets anxious about what the digital life is doing to us and Andy has fun pointing out how the internet gives more than it takes

The toys are taking over the playroom and it may be time to put them back in their box. So says Julia Hobsbawm’s in her new book Fully Connected. Surviving and thriving in an age of overload. Our physical, mental and emotional health is being threatened by the relentless connectedness of the digital life.

Click on the player button above to hear Andy Bates, Public Sector CTO EMEA for Verizon and Joe Tibbetts CEO of Boilehouse Online Publications discuss some of the points raised in Julia Hobsbawm's book.

Click here for the full review of  Fully Connected - surviving and thriving in an age of overload.

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