PODCAST: RealityBites #06 The one where Andy & Joe segue from machine learning to AI, while Andy visits a call centre where 600 actors are selling wine.

Will Andy's robot vacuum-cleaner kill the dog and throw it out with the trash? Can it be taught to be stupid and so pass the Tibbetts test for intelligence? ...Read more

PODCAST: Driverless, electric, delivery vans promise much for local and social services

William Sachiti has just launched the Kar-Go which will, he says, slash the cost of making deliveries and make the delivery of smaller, lower-value packages more viable....Read more

PODCAST: RealityBites #05 Andy Bates & Joe Tibbetts asking "Is laughter really infectious?"

The one where a virus nearly kills off Joe just as another virus takes down the NHS and (king of the glass-half-full) Andy Bates finds a surprising amount of good cheer among the talk of armageddon...Read more

Councils must manage low level airspace for security and profit

Local government will be forced to manage their own airspace for security purposes. However they will also be able to monetise the licensing of access to the drone-zone above their places...Read more

PODCAST: RealityBites #04 Andy makes some predictions and Joe finds true north

The one where Andy talks to the Global Cyber Alliance, and predicts the global Ransomware attack while Joe paraphrases John Le Carré, gets invited to a secret defence establishment and serves Black Pudding French style....Read more

PODCAST RealityBites #01 Is this full-on, always-connected life threatening our physical and mental health?

The one where Joe gets anxious about what the digital life is doing to us and Andy has fun pointing out how the internet gives more than it takes...Read more

Connected Local Government Live 2017 packed programme

PODCAST: We need to build around 100,000 more homes each year. Will it ever happen?