WORKING LUNCH No1 17:Jan:2018

A weekly webTV programme about, for and by people involved in local government....Read more

Andy Begley - Shropshire County Council

Adult Social Care. Threat or Opportunity?...Read more

Stu Higgins - CISCO head of smart cities and IoT UK public sector - talking to Joe Tibbetts at Socitm 2017

We are at a tipping point. The revolution in public service delivery long promised by champions of IoT is gearing up. ...Read more

Paul Maltby, chief digital officer at Department of Communities and Local Government talks to Joe Tibbetts at Socitm2017

A new role, common platforms, critical data, machine learning and Ai, public understanding, connecting communities and professions...Read more

Digital Leadership - Socitm Conference 2017

Martin Ferguson Director of Policy and Research at Socitm in conversation with Joe Tibbetts...Read more

Matt Culpin of Jadu talking about CRM Lite for Local Authorities.

Customer experience management (CXM) offers a new level of "personalisation" in the management of council/customer relationships....Read more

Solving the rural transport conundrum

Why are women so under-represented in the Local Government arena?

Academic Health Science Networks upping their game

Councils in business - maximising the opportunities

A future for libraries

The Smart City piece. Steve Johnson of Ruckus in conversation with Joe Tibbetts


VIDEO: Martin Reeves, CEX West Midlands Combined Authority, on devolution threats and opportunities