Maryvonne Hassall is Digital Programme Director at Aylesbury Vale DC. She started as a graduate with Rolls Royce, trained in IT analysis then moved into IT service management and strategy. Tim Lancaster is AWS practice director at Arcus Global. Tim has run technology departments in the BBC and Cleantech and has built new facilities and negotiated a number of joint ventures.


Are the benefits of using AI in the delivery of public services being over-hyped?


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Tim Lancaster of Arcus Global and Maryvonne Hassall of Aylesbury Vale DC fail to contain their enthusiasm

Is the enthusiasm for AI in the delivery of local public services just hype or have real and actual efficiencies and improvements been delivered and if so how? How can artificial intelligence automatically handle customer contact, help to reduce costs, improve service levels and create a better working experience for call centre employees. This programme draws on practical examples of existing AI solutions which are achieving a clear return on investment, handling 40% of incoming calls, providing a 24/7 service whilst improving quality by providing customers with clear and accurate information.


This programme was recorded in front of a live audience at GLG Live 2018 - an audience with CLGdotTV
and is brought to you free of charge through the generous support of Arcus Global



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