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City Futures - Liverpool. The irresistible rise of the English city regions.


Three Graces from the Docks © Kevin Jump 2006

Cities across Europe are humming with energy and creativity, harnessing local pride to drive local plans for a better, more citizen focussed, future.

Regeneration is as much about "culture" as it is about glass and steel, bricks and mortar. Inward investment is drawn, of course, to the physical possibilities in a city's infrastructure. But culture calls to capital and money looks for people who are confident in their own values, passionate about their own places, where youth and promise shapes the conversation. And many English cities are in the vaguard of this new wave regeneration, exhibiting new (or is it in fact historic?) regional confidence and ambition. Today we launch a new series of themed programmes, City Futures, documentaries, interviews, chat shows, personal perspectives and local opinion pieces all about the rise and rise of the English city regions.

This film was originally commissioned by IP Global It was written and directed by Jon Sales, Head of Video at CLGdotTV, and founder-owner of Skydrones our strategic partner.


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