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CLG Briefings: Heath Groves of Sundown Solutions in conversation with Joe Tibbetts


© CLGdotTV 2018 Heath Groves of Sundown Solutions talking to Joe Tibbetts

A solution to bed blocking would save money, time and heartbreak. Sundown Solutions may have a large part of the answer.

When a patient in healthcare is ready to leave the hospital and move into social care finding a bed for them, in the right place and at the time their care needs are changing, is difficult to say the least. In the end health care staff, with skills that could be better applied elsewhere, end up sitting on the phone calling round the local care homes. It's costly. It's a waste of scarce resources. It's frustrating for staff and depressing for patients. And worst of all the moment the staff member puts the phone down the information they have been given is out of date. It seems however that a solution to the log-jam may be at hand.


Connected Local Government Live 2018 - Local Government and the digital citizen - London 27 June 
A day of peer and expert-led disussion and debate reviewing the progress of digital-enabled transformation and the citizen experience of it.
With sessions on customer accounts, use of data, identity and registration, social care, planning, environmental services
and the Townhall or Whitehall debate on the future of centralised digital service supply. 
CLGLive 2018 Wednesday 27th June 58 Victoria Embankment (the NESTA building) three minutes walk from London Blackfriars Station



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