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CLGdotTV - May viewing figures up by 12%


CLGdotTV had just over 9000 views in May (a month with 2 bank-holidays!) just over 1000 more than in March our previous best month.

On June 27 you can attend CLG Live 2018 and take part in the programmes we will be recording between during the day

In July we will start a series of Thursday broadcasts to sit alongside our Tuesday programmes.

In early June we will launch CLGdotPOD - Talking Local Government a regular podcasts series for, by and about those involved in or interestd in local government.

We are now broadcasting two live, scheduled, weekly programmes and four or more on-demand programmes each week. 

  • Working Lunch® live@12:45 Tuesdays & then on-demand from 10:30 Wednesday morning, a host and two guests discuss key, topical issues of interest to those in (or interested in) local government..
  • Tomorrow's Agenda® live@4.30 Tuesdays & then on-demand from noon Thursday, one two or three key players examine the key issues facing their sector or organisation in the short and medium term and take questions via Twitter from the audience..
  • CLG Briefings® recorded at 58VE between 2.00pm and 4.00pm every Tuesday, duration 5-15 minutes, broadcast on-demand only, available within 48 hours of recording. Short programmes in different styles all made with the intention of explaining & evaluating management & technical innovations of interest to those in local government.e
  • CLG Head to Head recorded at 58VE between 2.00pm and 4.00pm every Tuesday duration 5-15 minutes, broadcast on-demand only, available within 48 hours of recording. One to one interviews usually available on a Friday 
  • CLG AnswerTime® recorded at 58VE from time to time, duration 30-40 minutes. available live and on-demand. Q&A panel show in front of a live audience posing the questions.

YOU DON'T HAVE TO REGISTER to watch CLGdotTV programmes. It's your data you keep it!

FIND OUT ABOUT OUR CURRENT & FUTURE BROADCASTS by viewing our Twitter (@CLGdotTV) and/or following us on LiveStream 

Once a live broadcast is finished the programme is no longer available on Livestream however.....

.......from mid-morning on the day following the live broadcast the programme is available on-demand from our own platforms https://www.connectedlocalgovernment.TV and 



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