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CLGdotTV programme schedule for the week commencing Sunday 25th February 2018


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CLGdotTV is a WebTV channel about, for and by those involved in local public services. Lots of on-demand programmes but the wrong sort of snow means this week's LIVE BROADCAST OF WORKING LUNCH is cancelled.

Sunday 25 February
12.00| Launch of the CLGdotTV site
From noon log on to www.connectedlocalgovernment.TV
Sunday 25 February
12.00| CLG Briefing the Vicky Sargent Interview
Website accessibility on-demand from noon
Bracknell Forest Council has been a consistently high performer in the Better Connected accessibility testing. Web manager Colin Stenning explains to Vicky Sargent why maintaining a website’s accessibility over time requires constant monitoring and periodic testing with people who have keyboard-only access or rely on assistive technologies like screen readers. It isn't enough that web developers and content editors have the right skills and knowledge to design-in accessability. Awareness of the need for accessible websites among budget holders is essential too.
Monday 26 February
12.00| CLG Briefing
Cyber Security - Quad 9 on-demand from noon
The Global Cyber Alliance, an international not for profit, has launched a new DNS service Quad 9. It offer better security, is free of charge, and unlike other DNS services Quad 9 does not reap, sell or use any data about the user. Andy Bates, Exec Director at Global Cyber Alliance on Quad 9 and the huge benefits it offers for organisations and ordinary citizens.
Tuesday 27 February
12:45 | Working Lunch
The wrong sort of snow!
No live Working Lunch this week. For those of us who live in the far east of East Kent the Met office is giving us a 60% chance of snow, icy winds and very low temperatures on Tuesday. Even if we can get out in the morning we may well not be able to get back in the evening. But.....
Tuesday 27 February
14.00 | CLG Briefing
Block Chain on-demand from two o'clock
What is it? Why is it important for local government. Jane Hancer of CC2i and Hilary Simpson of Sleuth Cooperative try not to get exasperated as Joe Tibbetts reveals the true depth of his ignorance.
Wednesday 28 February
13:00 |  CLG Briefing 
Thursday 1 March
13:00 |  CLG Briefing 
Wednesday 2 March
13:00 |  CLG Briefing 
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CLGdotTV - six webTV programmes 
about, for and by all those involved in local public services
Working Lunch (25 mins)
A chat show minus the studio audience. Three or four guests with a keen interest in local government, kept in order by an affable host, all discussing key issues in local government and news stories of interest to a local government audience. Broadcast live@12:45 every Tuesday from 58VE (the Nesta Building) then on-demand from noon Wednesday
CLG Briefings (5-15 mins)
A mini-documentary introducing some innovation in local government process or thinking. Interviews, on-screen process demos, animated graphics and footage produced by the featured organisations . Broadcast each week, on-demand from Wednesday evening.
BetterConnected.TV (5-15 mins)
Short films introduced by Vicky Sargent spotlighting all sorts of digital initiatives in the local government digital arena and featuring news and developments from the Better Connected programme.
Sometimes features digital innovations that also featured on the Public Service Digital Innovation Exchange. Broadcast on-demand from noon every Thursday
CLG Progress Report (10-20 mins)
In depth interviews, often on location, with in-depth anlysis of developments in the longer term, strategic preoccupations of those in public service. Broadcast from time to time, sometimes live, always on-demand
Head to Head (5-15 mins)
A one to one interview with leaders and innovators in the re-invention of local public services
AnswerTime (30-40 mins)
A panel show, three guests and a host, filmed in front of a live studio audience who provide most of the questions and some of the answers.
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