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.....internet killing democracy + transformation + circular economy + procurement + modernising public services + data the magic bullet + cooperatives + death of the High Street + health & social care + blockchain + social value + open data + local democracy + citizen engagement + smart places + cyber security + IoT

April 2018
Working Lunch 12 - The People Vs Tech (how the internet is killing democracy)
Author & sometime digital doomsayer Jamie Bartlett, optimist & digital creative Lars Malmqvist and book loving cynic Joe Tibbetts on how digital is killing democracy (or not) Watch Here
CLG Briefings: A Solution to the bed blocking crisis
A solution to bed blocking would save money, time and heartbreak. Heath Groves of Sundown Solutions in conversation with Joe Tibbetts. Watch Here
Working Lunch No11: Digital Transformation- magic bullet or ceaselessly moving target? Emma Marinos - LB Southwark, Phil Baron - Meritec & Vicky Sargent - Better Connected Programme: Digital Transformation - Overdue & Undercooked! Watch Here
CLG Briefings: Open data; electoral transparency; local democracy; citizen engagement; local digital democracy and democratic services Ingrid Koehler of LgiU & Juliet Whitworth of LGA & Vicky Sargent of CLGdotTV assemble a crucial picture. Watch Here
Working Lunch No10: Circular Economy, council procurement of Tech SMEs, waste and recycling, moral imperatives for tomorrow's council
Dr David Greenfield of SOENECS & Hilary Simpson of Sleuth Cooperative in conversation with Joe Tibbetts. Watch Here
March 2018
Working Lunch No9: Modernising public services - the link with May’s local elections.
What drove Mark Thompson & Jerry Fishenden to write a Manifesto for Better Public Services & why are Juliet Whitworth (LGA) & Ingrid Koehler (LGIU) exercised about digital democracy. Watch Here
CLG Briefing: Is data the magic bullet in Councils' survive and prosper armoury? Steve Huckett of Tascomi argues that making better and more sophisticated use of the data they have and will have is a must for councils. Watch Here
Working lunch No8: The Cooperative Effect
How cooperatives can help grow local economies, train a digitally skilled local workforce and build diversity into local, social structures. Hilary Simpson of Sleuth Cooperative @simpson_hilary & Dan Sofer @dsofer @founderscoders & Matt Crow @FULLFATMATT @outlandish on cooperatives in Preston & Islington helping grow local economies & diversifying the technology workforce. Watch Here
Working Lunch No7:Is the High Street dead, dying or rebuilding?
Alex Schlagman of Save The High Street and Andrew Busby of Retail Reflections think there's room for optimism and local government has a key role to play. Watch Here
Working Lunch No6: Integrating health and Social Care
Mark Golledge (LGA) and Michael Francis (Hertfordshire County Council) talking to Joe Tibbetts all about social care. Watch Here
February 2018
Working Lunch No5: Smart places, IoT and the cyber security problem in both.
Eddie Copeland of Nesta and Andy Bates of the Global Cyber Alliance talking to Joe Tibbetts about smart places and IoT Watch Here
CLG Briefings: Two briefings on - Blockchain, what is it, why is it important and is it really going to change the face of local government?
Jane Hancer of CC2i and Hilary Simpson of Sleuth Cooperative get to grips with that well known question Blockchain WTF? PLUS George Rhodes of KPSN and Kent Connects + Jane Hancer of CC2i talk to Joe Tibbetts about blockchain in local public services Watch Here and Here
Working Lunch No2: Social value, digital transformation and the uses and abuses of council data.
Hilary Simpson of Sleuth Cooperative & Dominic Campbell of FutureGov & Dan Ebanks of Firesouls on Watch Here
Working Lunch No1: The Carrillion collapse, the future of local government outsourcing & how local government can deal with cyber threats Jane Hancer CC2i_  Andy Bates Global Cyber Alliance & Ingrid Koehler LGiU are patient with rookie chat show host Joe Tibbetts. Watch Here
CLG Briefings: Social Care – crippling cost centre or driver of local investment and employment
Vicky Sargent interviews Andy Begley Director of Adult Services and Housing for Shropshire Council about adult social care. Far from a tale of woe she hears how Shropshire sees the benefits to employment and local income that expenditure on social care brings. Watch Here
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