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Cyber security is no longer the exclusive concern of governments, police forces and big organisations.


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Smaller enterprises and private citizens have got to get with the programme or we all will suffer the consequences.

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In a recent podcast I asked Andy Bates Executive Director of the Global Cyber Alliance if we were cyber safer than we were a year ago. He thought not but was optimistic about the answer to the same question if asked in a years time. There have, however, been a number of welcome advances in the last year by Andy's reckoning. One is that big organisations, even those in competition with each other, have started to collaborate on fighting the cyber threat. And while there is still much to do at government and multinational level the targets for a cyber threat awareness upgrade are now shifting slightly towards smaller enterprises and, wait for it, you and me.

This programme is all about SMEs and the ordinary individual, the woman and man wondering how there is so little change from £10 when you get a coffee and a bun in a global coffee shop franchise. Sound like you? It certainly sounds like me. We need to take a long hard look at our cyber security. The answer to the other problem is to carry a flask of coffee and bake your own buns. 

Andy Bates asks the questions and Melanie Oldham @bobsbusinessuk advisor to SMEs on how to keep safe on the web and Peter Goodman Chief Constable of Derbyshire and NPCC Lead on Cybercrime give the answers. Watch it, tremble and then mend your ways.

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