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Dan Ebanks - Social Value Exchange, Charlie Wigglesworth - Social Enterprise UK and Joe Tibbetts on...


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... putting the "social value " into local government and elsewhere in the public sector

This content is brought to you free of charge through the generous support of CLG Live 2018


CLG Live 2018 - is something new, half live event, all TV programme.

On 27 June sixty change leaders will meet at 58VE (Blackfriars) to be heard & be seen, break down hierarchies and the walls between silos and take part in making eight short WebTV programmes. Short of time? Need to squeeze real value out of your working days? CLG Live 2018 is designed for you.

10:30 Future localgov: flexibile, agile and collaborative ?
11:15 Data: improving local services
12:00 Demand Management in local services
12:45 Identity, verification and customer accounts
13:30 Citizen Engagement & Ownership of Place.
14:15 What can "digital" do for social care
15:00 Ai short term wins in public services

JOIN: Martin Sadler; Mark Cridge MD, MySociety; Tim Lancaster, Arcus Global; Kirsten Whitehead, NHS Digital; Shane O'Neill, Chair, Elgin, Natasha Epstein, London Waste Partnership; Hilary Simpson Sleuth Co-Op; Peter Wells, ODi; Glen Ocsko, Granicus; Brad Smith Hertfordshire CC; Jane Hancer, CC2i; Marc Greenwood, Coventry CC; Charlie Wigglesworth Social Enterprise UK (TBC); David Watts, City of Wolverhampton; Judith Glennie, Eden District Council; Vicky Sargent CLGdotTV; Ian Litton, Positive Attributes; David Wilde, DWilde Consulting: Amy Wood, Leeds City Council; Dan Ebanks, Social Value Exchange; Ingrid Koehler LGIU; Lola Denwood, South Lakeland DC; Stuart Smith, Exponential-e; Mark Nicholas NHS Digital & Lianne Viney Kirklees BetterCare; Joe Tibbetts, GLGdotTV.


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