Joe Tibbetts is the founder and CEO of CLGdotTV. He hosts Working Lunch and chairs AnswerTime the CLGdotTV panel show. Joe chairs conferences and advises public and private sector organisations on how to get heard.


Fiona Colley was in Local Government - LB Southwark - for sixteen years, eight years in opposition and eight in power


Fiona Colley - Local Government Navigator © CLGdotTV 2018

She was the Cabinet Member for Finance, Modernisation and Performance for four years until May 2018

Fiona also served on the London Councils - Capital Ambitions Board until May 2018, She is a passionate advocate for the potential of technology to improve lives and neighbourhoods. Now working as a consultant with local authorities seeking to deliver inclusive digital strategies and with tech companies seeking to expand their work with local authorities. Fiona is a member of the Labour Party Local Government Digital Task Force working with the Labour front bench to develop public policy on data driven public service reform and data security. A woman in the i-Tech arena! Hot on IoT, smart places and all that stuff! A woman who knows Local Government from the inside! Who did more than just survive, for eight years, in an ambitious, energetic  London Borough. A woman who sits on Boards. A role model for other women. And a supporter of the England football team so underneath it all a romantic optimist..... 

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