Vicky is programme director Connected Local Government, manages the CLG Innovation Platform, is programme director for Better Connected for which she designed and developed She is a board director of Boilerhouse Communications Limited


Making a Difference with Data in Sheffield


Sheffield has a vibrant open data community and a council that is creating the environment and infrastructure to enable the benefits of open data to be realized.

This video was made at an event held on 10 July 2015 to showcase what has been achieved. Topic covered include the open data publishing platform provided by Socrata at and the Air Quality Plus project run by Sheffield’s Better with Data Society.

The event also aimed to engage and energise decision-makers working in or with the council by illustrating the benefits of opening up data, and explaining how, through publishing open data, better outcomes can be delivered for Sheffield’s residents, businesses, and voluntary and public services.

The event was created as a collaboration between Sheffield City Council, Boilerhouse Media’s Making a Difference with Data initiative, Sheffield’s Better with Data Society, Capita, and Socrata.


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