For 15 years from mid 1980s Mark Rogers was a teacher, deputy head and then head teacher working in specialist educational settings . He was head of inclusion at Tameside and then assistant director of inclusion services at Stockport. Mark was first director of children's services and then CEX at Solihull before becoming CEX and director of economy at Birmingham city council. He was president of SOLACE for three years from 2013-2016 and since May 2017 has run his own consultancy "enabling leadership, partnerships & change".


Mark Rogers - CEO Birmingham City Council - Head to Head with Joe Tibbetts


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Mark Rogers on "Leadership", the importance of empathy and reasons to avoid the "heroic" leader model.

Surfing the Timeline

00:12 | Mark Rogers, multiple leadership roles
01:01 | What is SOLACE upto in the leadership space
02:00 | Lots of changes in style of leadership in lst 20 years
02:56 | The "new managerialism"
04:05 | Values and purpose led leadership
04:19 | Questioning the managerialist approach
04:50 | Is there a new style of leadership developing
06:43 | Will regional devolution change the demands being made on local goverfnment leaders?
10:01 | No point in trying to establish collaborative partnerships without first doing the relationship building thing
10:40 | Big challenges for leaders in local government are on the way. The necessary sense of ownership and place will need to change as we move into larger less local, local governmewnt structures, self-interest will have to be "managed" and a more collegiate style of leadership will need to be adopted
12:20 | "the not invented here syndrome" the enemy of innovation, creativity and collaboration
13:05 | There will be no place for "heroic" leadership in the devolved local government future
14:09 | Austerity? We musn't waste a good crisis! 
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