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Michael Walker, Chairman of CCS Insights, talks to Joe Tibbetts about QUAD 9 the new, improved security, DNS


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QUAD 9 the result of a collaboration between IBM, Packet Clearing House & the Global Cyber Alliance is free, easy to get and doesn’t reap your data for commercial gain.

The Global Cyber Alliance is a not-for-profit that works with partners and members around the world to protect us from the worst effects of criminal cyber activity.

DNS the internet domain naming system is an essential link in the chain that connects us to our desired destinations on the internet. DNS translates the names of websites that we want to visit into the numbers that make up the Internet Protocol address. Whether we know it or not every time we connect to a site on the web we are using DNS.

The Global Cyber Alliance, IBM and Packet Clearing House have together developed a new DNS called QUAD 9 that offers considerably enhanced security against cyber attack. Not only is QUAD 9 approved by the relevant authorities it’s free of charge, it takes minutes to download from the web and QUAD 9 does not, as many DNS services do, collect your internet activity data and sell it on for commercial exploitation.

QUAD 9 is aimed at SMEs and individuals. It’s approved, it’s free, it’s easy to get and it doesn’t do naughty things behind your back. I interviewed Michael Walker the Chairman of CCS Insights at the launch of QUAD 9. He seemed to think it was a good idea.

Enter into your preferred search engine and your existing DNS service will turn it into a string of numbers that will take you to the place where you can read about the Global Cyber Alliance and download QUAD 9 free of charge.


This programme is brought to you free of charge through the generous support of Global Cyber Alliance

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