Dave Briggs is an interim senior manager of digital and IT teams specialising in modernising technology delivery within organisations – setting the strategy, putting the programme of work together, organising the team with the right people in the right roles. He writes a weekly newsletter linking to the best online content about digital transformation


PODCAST: Interesting Times No 1


Dave Briggs © Paul Clarke May 2010

Digital specialist Dave Briggs and Vicky Sargent in conversation about the transformation journey councils are on, and how really, it's just begun.

Dave Briggs is well known to anyone working in the local digital space, especially regular attendees at the Govcamps and Localgovcamps in which he has been a prime mover.

Currently working at Mid Sussex District Council, Dave is also a member of the steering group at LocalGov Digital. He has long and varied experience in local and central government, starting out in communications and policy, rather than digital or IT. His newsletter Digital Digest is the latest of many contributions he has made to the development of thinking around councils' transformation through applicaiton of digital technologies.

In this podcast, the conversation goes back to the beginnings of 'council digital' in the early 2000s through to where we are today. Among the questions answered is whether a council that is well advanced on the digital journey can be easily recognised by factors like the number of online transactions achived or how many customer accounts it has.

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