Lauren Lucas had nearly five years at the London Borough of Havering before moving to the Local Government information Unit where she is Head of Projects. Joe Tibbetts is Editor in Chief of Information Daily and Council News Monitor.


PODCAST: Lauren Lucas of Local Government Information Unit on barriers to women entering local government


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Barriers include sexism; sexual harassment; lack of "voice", and structural issues like pensions, childcare and evening meetings plus occasionally stubbornly incumbent male councillors

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00:00 | You are listening to...

00:29 | Local Government Information Unit, what's that?

01:25 | LGiU research into low nukmbers of women in local politics

02:28 | Early findings.

03:10 | While 3/4 of council empoyees are women only 1/3 of elected mebers are women and only 17% of council leaders. While percentage of wone in national politics has increased numbers of women in local politics has been stagnant for a decade

03:49 | What's going wrong?

04:29 | Sexism; harrasment; lack of opportunites to be heard; structural issues like pensions, childcare and evening meetings.

07:06 | Solutions?

07:35 | Any positive findings to the research?

07:45 | Urgent need to legislate to allow remote, on-line, voting

08:20 | Shifting the stubbornly incumbent male councillor

09:02 | Best practice? Beacon councils?

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