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Roy Grant, Head of Super Connected Cities & Digital Innovation, City of York & Mark Lowe, Pinacl Solutions talking to Joe Tibbetts


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The venerable, walled city of York seems an unlikely candidate for "best connected city in UK" and yet that is the case.

Citizens and local businesses in York can take advantage of a free, public broadband service 24 hours a day and the council, the blue light services, the local NHS, academic institutions, cctv security systems, traffic management and local business are all served by the same blisteringly fast "dark fibre network" initially installed eight years ago. Just coming on line now providers of social housing are able to retro-fit sensors which monitor conditions including temperature and humidity in different locations around each house and this in turn identifies, for example, developing situations that can lead to the development of mould and other health threatening situations.  

All of this is saving the council money but just as important, perhaps more so, it is improving the living conditions, the every day lives, the travel time and the health prospects of York's citizens and, by the closing of a virtuous circle, is helping to encourage inward investment. 


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outcomes based commissioning: what is it and how it might be made to work
the Government green paper on social care
technology & social care
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