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Steve White Software Business Development Manager at Yotta in conversation with Joe Tibbetts


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Multi-tasking machines and delivering a seamless, turn-key, asset management service to councils

Steve White is the software business development manager at Yotta. His description of what they do might sound a trifle dry. Yotta provides asset management sytems for councils and other organisations delivering public services. However once past the elevator pitch description, the story is anything but dull.

If you manage a vehicle, such as a bus or a waste collection truck, that covers the same route on a regular basis it makes sense to get it to do a few more jobs along the way. Fit it with the right sensors and it could, for example, examine the road surface and report the size and location of any potholes. Then, as it passes the same place on a later visit, it could report on the rate of deterioration and so on. Once the system understands how bad a pothole needs to be before repair becomes essential (or simply desirable) the smart system can order up the repair. At the same time it can examine the state of other potholes nearby which, while perhaps not being bad enought to demand repair immediatly, should be fixed during the planned repair call-out to avoid the cost of multiple journeys to the same location.

Multi-tasking machines and gathering and crunching the data offers the possibility of huge savings for local authorities and greater comfort for the citizens. If the repair data were cross referenced with the road building data and the data on repair methods and different types of repair materials it would be possible to identify best practice, best materials, best contractors and unaceptable work. All of which is possible now, without the automated data collection and crunching, but it is often too expensive and time consuming to collect.

Smart process can smooth and speed the path from problem to solution and smart process runs on data. A tidal wave of data is just over the horizon and it's racing towards us at incredible speed. Managing and making that data useful is what this video is all about. 




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