Joe Tibbetts is the founder and CEO of CLGdotTV. He hosts Working Lunch and chairs AnswerTime the CLGdotTV panel show. Joe chairs conferences and advises public and private sector organisations on how to get heard.


The Smart City piece. Steve Johnson of Ruckus in conversation with Joe Tibbetts


As citizens we stand on the threshold of a smart future and connectivity is starting to deliver the promise

Steve Johnson on re-imagining Smart Places interviewed at Connected Local Government Live 2017 not quite a year ago but one from the archive well worth revisiting - Joe Tibbetts


00:20   delivering the world's fastest wi-fi
00:48   re-imagining the smart city
01:26   the conectivity thing at the heart of the smart city future
01:47   are we at last beginning to see the delivery of the connectivity promise?
02:54   what we understand by the idea of the smart city and how it is changing
03:46   to usher in the age of smart cities will require change and its more of a culture change than a techno fix
04:35   smart city and autonomous vehicles....
07:00   ....and drones, and managing the drone zone..and digital rails, governance and permissions for a whole new world of complexity
07:45   getting people to make use of the new technologies..channels for influencing behaviour..crowd sourcing opinion as a means of directing popular behaviours
10:40   technology is an enabler and the task now is to enable the smart city
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