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Why publishing local election results is so hard - and why its about to change


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Open data; electoral transparency; local democracy; citizen engagement; local digital democracy and democratic services

Councils’ democratic services activity has to date been little touched by digital investment, perhaps because of a perception that this area has little scope to generate cash savings.

But with the expectation that for communities to thrive in future, citizens need to support as well as consume local services (think libraries and social care, among others), there is a huge additional dividend to be reaped by encouraging people to start participating more actively in their local area.

Here Ingrid Koehler sets out how LgiU will be supporting councils to maximise engagement with the local elections in May, including – amazingly, this is a first - reporting results as they happen thanks to deployment of a new national, online digital map.

Juliet Whitworth explains why simple developments like this have taken so long to achieve, and why it is so important for councils to get behind the LGA’s open elections data programme as a step towards achieving the local social dividend from 'digital'.

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