Joe Tibbetts is the founder and CEO of CLGdotTV. He hosts Working Lunch and chairs AnswerTime the CLGdotTV panel show. Joe chairs conferences and advises public and private sector organisations on how to get heard.


Working Lunch No3 - a weekly webTV programme about, for and by those involved in local government


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Vicky Sargent Director of Socitm's Better Connected programme and Glen Ocsko of Granicus getting to grips with customer accounts on Council websites

Join us live at 12.45 every Tuesday for a Working Lunch. Guests this week are Vicky Sargent, Director of Socitm's Better Connected programme and Glen Ocsko of Granicus. The main topic this week turned out to be the what, why and wherefore of customer accounts. Along the way we covered everything from loving your local council to shared standards in the colours of recycling bins and from council customers who only interact a few times a year to those who are in contact with such frequency that the call-queing system addresses them by their given name.

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there is no such thing as a free Working Lunch

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