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Eddie Copeland of Nesta and Andy Bates of the Global Cyber Alliance talking to Joe Tibbetts about smart places and IoT

Join us live at 12.45 every Tuesday for a Working Lunch. Guests this week are Eddie Copeland and Andy Bates. Eddie is currently Director of Government Innovation at Nesta and is an advocate of government and public sector organisations making smarter use of technology and data to deliver more and better with less. He is responsible for Nesta's work on data, behavioural insights, local government innovation, the collaborative economy & digital democracy. Andy Bates, Exec Director at Global Cyber Alliance, is dedicated to fighting the systemic causes of cyber crime and fraud on the internet.

The main topic this week was smart places and the internet of things which may turn out to be the same as saying life the universe and everything. One thing that seems certain is that IoT is coming, we may not all agree on how soon and we may not all agree on how welcome but we can be pretty sure the effects will be far reaching. 

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