Dan Ebanks - Social Value Exchange, Charlie Wigglesworth - Social Enterprise UK and Joe Tibbetts on...

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Karen Grave, President of PPMA, in conversation with Vicky Sargent

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CLGdotTV was three months old on 17th May.....

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Secure sharing of documents, data and information has never been more important.

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City Futures - Birmingham. The irresistible rise of UK cities

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The Nesta Flying High Challenge. Thinking hard about drones.

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CLGdotTV - May viewing figures up by 12%

Tomorrow's Agenda No2 - data and information transparency, security and availability in local elections.

The Future of Work and The Future of Workers

City Futures - Liverpool. The irresistible rise of the English city regions.

Arts & Culture as driver of smart, cohesive, proud, economically sustainable cities and towns

What is blockchain and why is it so important?

Roy Grant, Head of Super Connected Cities & Digital Innovation, City of York & Mark Lowe, Pinacl Solutions talking to Joe Tibbetts

Democracy in a Digital Age Part II