An Audience With CLGdotTV No3 - Social Care & Health

Six webTV programmes recorded in a day, all with the participation of a studio audience....Read more

PODCAST: Interesting Times No 1

Digital specialist Dave Briggs and Vicky Sargent in conversation about the transformation journey councils are on, and how really, it's just begun....Read more

PODCAST: Women, leadership and the public sector

Gisela Stuart, Professor Catherine Staite and Lauren Lucas talking about the position of women in public services...Read more

PODCAST: Mark Rogers of Collaborate CIC on the new leadership and changing demands on local government leadership

From technocratic managerial leadership to empathy, collaboration and emotional intelligence and recognising that "place" is not what it used to be...Read more

CLGdotTV was three months old on 17th May.....

.....internet killing democracy + transformation + circular economy + procurement + modernising public services + data the magic bullet + cooperatives + death of the High Street + health & social care + blockchain + social value + open data + local democracy + citizen engagement + smart places + cyber security + IoT...Read more

CLGdotTV - May viewing figures up by 12%

CLGdotTV had just over 9000 views in May (a month with 2 bank-holidays!) just over 1000 more than in March our previous best month....Read more

National picture of local election results to be made freely available online as results are declared

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Multi-racial facial recognition system provides more accurate results

Climate-KIC "Climathon" rallies international movement to tackle climate change

Norway proposes "Tesla tax" on heavy electric cars

Police Foundation calls on local government to join the blockchain debate

International Federation of Robotics forecasts sales of service robots up 12% in 2017

UK Smart City Index puts Bristol at number one