PODCAST: Interesting Times no3. Vicky Sargent and Dylan Roberts: the collaborative, digital, approach to health and wellbeing in Leeds

Dylan Roberts is the city’s Chief Information Officer, in which role he is accountable for delivery of place based outcomes for and across multiple organisations including seven health and care organisations, Leeds City Council, Leeds schools, and three NHS CCGs....Read more

There is much anxiety in Local Authority Land around the near collapse of our social care systems

Huge, post 2010, austerity-driven funding cuts are now threatening the entire social care structure....Read more

An Audience with CLGdotTV No.4 February 6th 2019 - This Smart Life

On 6th February 2019 we will be making five programmes about 'smart lives' in front of a studio audience. You could be in front of the camera or in our expert audience....Read more

PODCAST: Mark Rogers of Collaborate CIC on the new leadership and changing demands on local government leadership

From technocratic managerial leadership to empathy, collaboration and emotional intelligence and recognising that "place" is not what it used to be...Read more

PODCAST: Women, leadership and the public sector

Gisela Stuart, Professor Catherine Staite and Lauren Lucas talking about the position of women in public services...Read more

An Audience With CLGdotTV No3 - Social Care & Health - 23 October in London

A day of peer and expert-led discussion and debate reviewing developments in the delivery of publicly funded health and social care...Read more

PODCAST first published 6 Aug 2018: Tim Lancaster of Arcus Global and Joe Tibbetts of CLGdotTV discuss AI in the delivery of social care, social housing, mental health care & other council services.

All CLGdotTV programmes to be simultaneously published as podcasts

PODCAST: Smart stab vests and geolocating for frontline blue-light services. Smart gets mobile.

PODCAST: Drug treatment in England today

Lord Forsyth, chair of Economic Affairs Ctte inquiry into social care system in England, calls for evidence

CLGdotTV - The Local Public Services Channel launches Phone-In programme

PODCAST: Keith Jones spent 16 years working on the Lake District, UNESCO World Heritage Site bid.

PODCAST: UK is run by a Bluffocracy says former senior civil servant and it's time for a change.