Mark Rogers is an executive director of Collaborate CIC an associate of KPMG and the Vinyl Protection Society. He has been a teacher and a local government officer and now he's a Collaborator. He likes people and is excited by the latent potential they have to work together and do good. He believes that aligned values and shared purpose will drive social change for the benefit of individuals, communities, organisations and partnerships. After empathy Mark most respects (and tries to self-engender) courage. "Do the right thing right - but do it". He learned everything he knows from someone else. In return he can say he has provided some people with an alternative musical education. He is an agathist in spite of all evidence the contrary.


PODCAST: Mark Rogers of Collaborate CIC on the new leadership and changing demands on local government leadership


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From technocratic managerial leadership to empathy, collaboration and emotional intelligence and recognising that "place" is not what it used to be

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00:00 | This week's topic and who is in the conversation?

00:36 | Changes in styles of public sector leadership over last 20 years

02:07 | Leadership in education sector went through a period when it became obsessed with performance targets and leadership was all about performance management

02:27 | Noe the focuss has shifted from nuts and bolts to more ambiguous areas of values and purpose and real outcomes

03:04 | The big changes that have occurred since the mid-nineties and the noughties as people began to challenge that managerial style of leadership

03:20 | Now the task is building a leadership that’s not technocratic and much more about emotional intelligence

03:42 | Is this style of leadership now being adopted more widely and across local government and the wider public sector? “….(organisational) culture is difficult to change…..”

05:01 | With the advent of devolved regional government has the leadership playing field changed for local government leaders?

06:05 | Are we seeing any signs of the arrival of a new generation of leaders in local government devoted to partnership and collaboration or….?

07:25 | Leadership, “empathy” and walking in the shoes of others.

08:08 | How to start, there's no point in trying to build partnerships if you haven’t done the ground work of getting to know the people who are your potential partners

08:38 | The big challenge now for Local Government  leadership is in the changing nature of governance. For decades local democracy has been about electing local people to focuss on local needs and everything was indivisably connected to “place” but now the nature of place is changing and the need now is for leaders and elected members who can identify and focuss on shared interests not local self interest.

09:37 | The not invented here syndrome and (10:10) heroic leadership and how to get round both

11.10 | The promise and challenge of local government in a post banking-collapse world

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