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PODCAST: Drug treatment in England today


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Prun Bijral, Medical Director at Change, Grow, Live, and Liz McCulloch Head of Policy for Volteface discuss the state of drug treatment with Paul North Head of Comms at Volteface.

Volteface is a think tank looking at alternatives to current drug policies. Volteface encourages fresh thinking and new ideas via and online and print magazine and through an ongoing programme of private and public events.
Volteface works with an array of partners across civil society, business, media and government to foster public engagement, formulate new evidence-based policy ideas and acts as a thoughtful advocate for change. We are UK-based and focused whilst engaging with ideas and practice from across the world.
Liz McCulloch is Head of Policy at Volteface and Prun Bijral is the Medical Director for the national drug treatment charity Change, Grow, Live.
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