Andy Bates is Executive Director of the Global Cyber Alliance the cross-sector, cross-border anti cyber-crime collaboration. He likes sailing, skiing and talking. Joe Tibbetts advises government departments and commercial organisations on how to get heard. He is a writer, a serial entrepreneur and founder of Boilerhouse the communications agency. He too likes talking.


PODCAST: RealityBites #12 the one about internet security and cleaning up the pipeline


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What do we have to do and how long must we wait to get an internet supply that doesn't threaten our cyber safety.


00:52 | If this was the water industry would we accept such a toxic pipeline

01:58 | Is it that we must simply tell the industry, clean up your pipeline or leave the shop.

02:09 | Why is it that we have accepted the poisonous nature of the internet pipeline

02:25 | It’s the emperors new clothes syndrome says Andy

02:34 | Would we pay more for a cleaner supply?

03:25 | You wouldn’t eat in a restaurant that didn’t display a certificate of proper health and safety issued by the relevant authority, do we need similar certification on the internet

03:58 | We get what we want, what we ask for, what we are willing to pay for says Joe

04:08 | Could we build a firewall around the British isles asks Andy that would get rid of 90% of the risk

04:40 | Fine line between protecting people and censorship

05:39 | Small organisations can join professional associations that should be offering protection for their members

06:31 | Cyber Insurance ?

07:13 | Soon, says Joe, institutions like banks will refuse to handle our business unless we can prove we are clean.

08:00 | It was once claimed that Macs were more secure…?

08:57 | How long will it be before we can expect to be getting non toxic supply for the internet? It could be 2-3 years says Andy

10.05 | What about training in cyber security?

11:58 | Cyber Essentials certification necessary for all suppliers working with Government


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